General Weather (pick the office nearest your location)

The National Weather Service Weather Forecast Office websites contains lots of valuable information, including:

  • For a current local conditions and a detailed 7-day weather forecast and hazardous weather information, click on your location on the map
  • Note the links to radar and satellite images
  • Note the "Top News of the Day" (top of the page), which often contains interesting information from recent weather occurrences
  • Note the "Weather Story" near the bottom which gives a general summary the predicted near-future weather pattens
Southern Wisconsin (from Milwaukee)
Western Wisconsin (from La Crosse)
Eastern Wisconsin (from Green Bay)

Soil Temperatures and Frost Depths

Rules and regulations for spreading are different on frozen soils. See here for information on soil temperatures and frost depths around the state.

Radar sites

There are a lot of different radar sites on the web. Different radar sites often have different color schemes for precipitation intensity. Find one that you prefer and stick with it. That way you can use your acquired knowledge of the colors to judge how intense rainfall/snowfall will be.

Days 1-5 Quantitative Precipitation Forecasts This gives the expected precipitation, by day, for the US. The information here should match fairly closely with the precipitation amounts shown for the Runoff Risk Advisory Forecast Map.

Graphical Weather Forecast
Just hover over a day/time with your cursor, and view forecasted:
  • Daily High/Low Temperatures
  • Precipitation Probabilities
  • General Weather Observations
  • Hourly Temperatures
  • Dewpoints
  • Wind Speed and Direction
  • Wind Gusts
  • Sky Cover
  • Amount of Precipitation
  • Amount of Snow
  • more!